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See description for Pumpkin Ball. This one shouldn't be neglected either!
Price: $39.95

This ghost is just too adorable and friendly to inspire too much Halloween fear, but he does inspire creativity with his almost all white patch-work body which, when finished, is anchored by a weight to keep him upright. About 3" x 6". Patch-work body is accompanied by a stitch guide included in price.
Price: $59.95

See description for Witch Roll'um. Difference between the two is that the ghost roll'um is 4" in height, unless you want to add a 1/2" border on the top and bototm, similar to the witch's.
Price: $39.95

This little darling is the deveil reincarnated! He is on a mission, only he doesn't know what it is yet! Maybe he personifies someone you know! Like the witch, he comes in either a table size (A), $65.95 or an ornament size (C), $41.95, and on either #13 or #18 mesh canvas.
Price: $65.95

See description for triangles below.
Price: $39.95

This 4" ball that starts out as a sequence of attached oblong triangles is outstanding on your Halloween tree. You do put up a Halloween tree, don't you? It becomes a fetching little ball when the end triangles are seamed in the finishing process. Easy and quick to stitch up on #13 mesh canvas. Really not to be passed over!
Price: $39.95

This little pumpkin fellow just oozes too much mirth to fear. His patch-work body is created from stitches suggested in a stitch guide which is included in the price. Unlike your kitchen egg, he won't wobble and tumble as he is weighted in the finishing. About 3" x 6". All 3 eggies would make a winsome table collection or a gift-a-year for some cute minute friend!
Price: $59.95

See description for Ghost Roll'um.
Price: $39.95

This winsome, green-faced witch hardly inspires Halloween fear, but she does inspire creativity with her patch-work body which, when finished, is anchored by a weight to keep her upright. About 3" x 6". Patch-work body is accompanied by a stitch guide included in price.
Price: $59.95

The base for all three of these roll'ums is - believe it or not... - the cylinder in an ordinary roll of toilet paper. sized to height! A covered "coin" goes in place on the top and the bottom of the cylinder. The witch is 5" x 5-1/2" and, like the other two in this series, is designed on #13 mesh.
Price: $39.95

This item comes in two sizes - table size or ornament size, about 3" x 6". Also comes on either #13 or #18 mesh canvas. Table size (A) is $65.95, while ornament size (B)is $41.95 The witch is hardly intimidating, unless you fear her beguiling and flirtacious expression. She's more of a little coquette than a witch!
Price: $65.95

Sold separately, these characters are each 3" x 6" and are painted on #18 mesh canvas. Each can be finished with or without the legs and the tub, or to sit directly on the table, as a triangle.
Price: $39.95

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